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Grog "Squeezer Mini 20 mm"

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Grog Squeezer Paint Mini 20 mm
, Tag Markers
Full color fun in miniature format: Although the GROG Squeezer Mini Paint Marker (20 mm) has only pocket-size, its 20 mm wide Flowtex Round Tip flows like the big markers! Rich colors with even fuller drips are no problem for this little powerhouse.

The easy refilling, which we all know from the GROG Squeezers brands already, invites you to the generous application of paint. The high-quality tip holds its position even at heavy pressure. Mini size, big drips!

- Soft squeeze Body
- 20 mm Flowtex tip (replaceable)
- High color flow
- Refillable over top
- Full Metal Paint: alcohol-based paint
- Perfect coverage on all surfaces
- Quick drying
- Xylene-free